My Philosophy and Approach

My approach trusts in your internal resources, strengths, and wisdom. I focus on practical applications drawn from various theories so that you realize meaningful healing (if we’re doing psychotherapy together), development, and change.

My Psychotherapy Approach

In our work together we will work on 5 levels:

  • Mind -Make sense of the dynamics and issues that create struggles and pain in your life and relationships
  • Feeling – Teach you to recognize and experience your emotions without flooding and reactivity and learn how to tap your feelings as an asset
  • Body – Develop body or somatic awareness and heal your body experience of past pain
  • Behavior – Identify learned ways of behaving that are no longer helpful or healthy and learn new skills and ways of being
  • Spirit – Integrate your authentic Self into your life experience

My Coaching Approach

Coaching sessions include:

  • Assessment – to clarify objectives, goals, and coaching approaches
  • Brainstorming – to define strengths as well as problem areas and strategies for addressing them
  • Education – to teach new skills and provide different perspectives
  • Interactive approaches – to build capabilities and resolve blocks to success

My coaching is not psychotherapy, however, may use effective counseling techniques to enhance acquiring skills and learnings.